KaVo Kerr Preferred is a loyalty program specifically for Private Practices and Group Practices that rewards each practice for purchases of most Kerr and KaVo brands.

Listed below are frequently asked questions to help you learn more about the program,  benefits and how it works. 

Q: What is the KaVo Kerr Preferred Loyalty Program?

A: KaVo Kerr Preferred is our loyalty program, which rewards customers for their purchases for Kerr consumable products and KaVo equipment. The program rewards our customers in points, which they can redeem in an Online Rewards Catalog for products, CE reimbursement and cash. It covers the following categories:

  • KaVo
  • Pelton & Crane
  • i-CAT
  • Service Level Contracts
  • Gendex
  • Kerr 
  • DEXIS 
  • Instrumentarium
  • Nomad
  • Soredex

​​​​​​​Q: How do customers sign up?

A: How do I sign up? You must register by visiting www.kavokerrpreferred.com and clicking on the register button. Once there, follow the instructions, which include:

Step 1: register and create an account.

Step 2: search for your practice.

Step 3: it takes a week or two for your first point deposit to be made. Check back in a week.

Q: What if I have multiple offices?

A: If you have multiple offices, you need to register each office to ensure your practice receives all eligible rewards. You can do so in the registration process by searching for and adding multiple practices to your "saved" results before finishing the registration process. If your number of offices grow, you can sign back into your loyalty account, click on the drop down menu that appears under your office name, then click on My Practice. This will take you back to the search page where you can add additional practices.

Q: What is the reward rate?

A: Customers will earn 2 percent back on their equipment purchases, and 3 percent for consumables. This 2 percent earnings means they will be awarded 2 reward points for every dollar spent on equipment purchases and 3 reward points for consumable purchases. In addition to these rates, there are year round promotions and level-advancements points that can help you earn even more.

Q: Can you show me an example of how many points I need to earn a reward?

A: Points will add up quickly allowing your practice to redeem rewards and advance levels. You can redeem a reward in the on-line catalog with as little as 5,000 points and advance to Silver level with just 17,000 points. Here is an example of what purchases will achieve these milestones.

Q: When can I redeem my points?

A: Practices can redeem their points any time after they have earned enough points to purchase an item in the Online Rewards Catalog. The points can be redeemed for a check, but we also added options to use points for a limited selection of Kerr product, as well as tuition reimbursement for approved Continuing Education courses. To access the Online Rewards Catalog, simply click on the Rewards option in the navigation available on the home page of the site.

Q: Who is eligible?

A: The program is open to private practices (1-2 locations) and group practices (3-19 locations).

Q: When will I start earning points?

A: You will start earning points as soon as you register for the program. However, your first deposit will occur approximately two weeks after your initial registration for purchases made during that week. Then points are deposited approximately once a week for all members participating in the loyalty program. The deposit dates are also contingent on data transmission from our distributors. By signing into your loyalty account, you will be able to view an on-line statement in the "My Account" section of the site showing your purchases and the points earned for each transaction. 

Q: What will practices earn points for?

A: Points are primarily earned for purchases of eligible KaVo Kerr products, however from time-to-time we may introduce other ways for your practice to build up your point balance by offering points for specific activities such as attending events, ordering samples, taking a course, etc. To learn more about ongoing offers, visit the "Promotions" page on this site.

Q: Who within the practice earns the points?

A: Because sales are tracked at the practice level, rather than the individual ordering product, the points are technically earned by the practice. Because of this, your practice will be instructed to identify one person to be the Primary Member and manage the program point account. They have the ability to redeem the points earned on behalf of the practice. Others in the practice are able to register as Associate Members, without permissions to redeem points.

Q: How will private practices manage their KaVo Kerr Preferred account?

A: We ask that you log into your account on the KaVo Kerr Preferred website frequently. This is where you will have access to all your transaction history showing exactly how your practice earned its points and spent them in the on-line catalog.  

Q: If I am already a Kerr Loyalty member, do I need to re-enroll?

A: If your practice registered for the Kerr Loyalty program in a prior year, your practice will automatically be pre-enrolled and will have started earning points on Jan 1, 2017.  However, you still need to register before you start earning points. If you haven’t already done so, please register with the KaVo Kerr Preferred website to create a User Name, Password and co-associate with your practice’s records as reported by each dealer from which you purchase. New loyalty members will start earning points based on their date of registration in KaVo Kerr Preferred.

Q: Why can’t I find my practice when registering? 

A: Our registration process requires you to select your practice record(s) as provided to KaVo Kerr by the dealer(s) in which you purchase. If you have not yet purchased any KaVo Kerr product, are a DSO, or are a new practice, no practice record will exist yet which could be the issue. Customers should still register for the program by creating a user name, password and accepting our terms and conditions – as this will ensure that we can backdate your points to the date customers accepted our terms and conditions. After customers make their first purchase, they can check back in a few weeks and they will be able sign into their account and select their practice and complete their registration. 

Q: I’ve registered, but am not seeing my point deposits?

A: Please allow 2-4 weeks for your first point deposit. This allows time for the dealer in which you purchase to report your purchase to KaVo Kerr and time to calculate your points and make the point deposit.  If you are still not seeing your points after 4 weeks, please contact KaVo Kerr Preferred Customer Service.